Understanding Bingo Lingo

Online bingo has burst into the lives of us all, promising fun, fast paced and exciting games with the chance to win huge cash prizes, as well as a vibrant community atmosphere where you can meet people from all over the UK and even the world, and gossip and chat away an evening of bingo.

To play online bingo, a players needs nothing more than a few quid (with some games costing as little as 2p!), an internet connection and a computer and to be over the age of 18 (although there is no upper age limit, and many sites offer special bingo games for the new to bingo, or older players, with clearer sounds and numbers and a more moderate pace!).

There is no need to dress up, or even step outside the comfort of your own home to play online bingo, and it can be played any time of the day or night - with a guarantee that there will always be someone else out there playing too to chat with.

Bingo is not as simple as it may seem, though - as with most online games there is a certain amount of slang and abbreviations - from using smiley faces and the popular "lol" for "laugh out loud", to terms you may only find in online bingo halls. Here is a short list of some of the more popular terms you may see in an online bingo game, and what they mean:

  • ASAP = As Soon As Possible
  • BBL/BRB = Be Back Later/Be Right Back
  • IS = I`m Sorry
  • GG = Good Game, which is often used to congratulate winning players as well as praise how fun the game was to play.
  • THX = Thanks
  • U2 = You, too.
  • IC = I see
  • AFAK = As Far As I Know
  • L8R/CUL = Later/See You Later
  • W8 = Wait
  • GTG = Got To Go
  • NP = No Problem
  • ED = Eyes Down
  • AD = Auto Dab. An auto dab is a feature often offered by online bingo games, where if a number is called that matches your card, it it dabbed automatically without the player having to click. This makes the player less likely to miss out on a bingo for being too slow.
  • 2TG = 2 To Go, players often say this when they have a certain amount of balls left to come up on their cards - counting down from 4 or 5, right to 1. This makes the game much more competitive, and is good fun gloating that you may only have 2 numbers left, while other players are floundering on 5 or more!

Before you sign up to a bingo site, its a great idea to check out all the ONLINE BINGO OFFERS that are available - making sure that you don`t miss on the best bonuses and deals possible when you join, and, show off your new knowledge of bingo lingo!